School Improvement Coaching for Change


2024 School Coaching Conference

May 14–15, 2024, Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta Marriott Northwest at Galleria

2024 Cost: $430

Men and women in conference

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The demand for school leadership and instructional coaches in schools, districts and states has never been higher, but until now, professional development for these educational MVPs has been hard to find.

That’s why the Southern Regional Education Board launched the nation’s only professional learning event designed exclusively for coaches like you, no matter what grade level, content area or improvement need you serve.

“Attendance at this conference was essential to my growth and understanding in my role as an instructional coach. I now have a guide to use as I plan to support the teachers in my building.” — Billie Kennedy, Hale County High School


Effective Coaching

Effective coaching requires the planning and implementation of both offensive moves and defensive moves. Each planned activity (play) has a specific purpose – a goal to accomplish. How closely the actual results align with the intended results depends on multiple factors.

The most effective coaches create and implement plays in which each player (teacher or leader) can help build a culture of improvement. At this conference, we will provide learning opportunities for coaches to help them develop a culture of improvement by:

  1. Building Strong Teams: To build a strong cohesive team, effective coaches build on players’ individual strengths to eliminate isolation and develop a collaborative approach to improvement.
Blog post Ashley ShawSREB Communications Specialist

What We Learned at the 2023 Coaching for Change Conference

Coaching for Change opening conferenceSometimes seeing an abandoned hallway is scary…like if you are stuck in the middle of a horror movie, for example.

Other times, it is a bad sign…like if you are throwing a big house party, it’s two hours after it was supposed to begin, and still nobody has showed up!

Still, though, at other times, it’s a sign of a success…like at the 2023 Coaching for Change Conference, where you could walk down any hallway during a session and not see anyone (because everyone was so involved in the great lessons being presented.)