AC Informational Webinar


Automated Materials Joining Technology:
Setting Students on the Right Track to Hot Careers in Advanced Manufacturing

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Advances in technology and demand for products that make our lives easier and safer drive innovations in materials development. Automobile manufacturers need composite materials that are lightweight and easily molded to shape. Aerospace seeks materials that can function effectively in extreme conditions from scorching heat to frigid cold. As new materials are formulated and combined, their usefulness is dependent upon improvements in joining science and technology.

The AC Automated Materials Joining Technology curriculum introduces high school students to joining and forming technologies, materials science, computer-aided design and automated systems — key facets of advanced manufacturing. Through real-world projects, students explore technologies that transform their design concepts into new and improved products.

Career opportunities in the AMJT field include: avionics technician, control systems engineer, computer programmer, materials joining engineer, metal and plastics machinist, project manager, robotics welder and more.

During the webinar, Gene Bottoms, senior vice president, Southern Regional Education Board will:

  • Share curriculum highlights and an example project
  • Review industry needs and the skills students learn through AMJT
  • Answer questions about AC support, training and school grants

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