Logistics, Supply Chain and STEM
Preparing Students for College and Careers


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Demand for STEM and logistics employees is projected to grow between 18 percent and 22 percent by 2022.          

STEM fields pay (on average) 26 percent more than non-STEM fields.

Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management and Innovations in Science and Technology

The AC Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management curriculum engages students who want to use research and assessment to solve complex spatial problems about how to move people and products between points. Students solve real-world challenges, collaborate and practice critical-thinking skills as they develop solutions to authentic logistics and supply chain problems that businesses face locally and internationally.

AC’s broader curriculum, Innovations in Science and Technology, appeals to students who want to solve real-world problems and develop an understanding of the relationship among the physical, biological and social world. Students experience the interaction of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and literacy through the project-based learning environment of this comprehensive STEM and project-based program of study.

The Webinar

Gene Bottoms, SREB senior vice president, and guest panelists will share:

  • Overviews of the AC STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and project-based learning pathway programs of study
  • Insight about how the AC Summer Teacher Training Institutes give teachers the tools they need to advance student achievement
  • How the pathways prepare students to meet workforce sector needs
  • Information about professional development, funding and how your school can join SREB’s AC STEM Pathway Academy Network

Guest panelist, Bill McLaury, assistant professor of professional practice, Supply Chain Management, Rutgers Business School, will focus on the importance of the curricula, as well as career and college opportunities in the global logistics and supply chain management field. Janice Pataki, FedEx solutions special advisor, and Ayaz Aslam, FedEx manager, will provide insight about the thriving field and how the rise of e-commerce is impacting global distribution channels.