S-SARA State Meeting Planning
Request for Financial Assistance


SREB proudly serves as a resource for state portal entities managing SARA in their states. As more SPEs schedule annual statewide SARA meetings for their institutions, we want to continue to support them by providing financial assistance for these meetings. Each SPE is eligible for one-time financial assistance per calendar year to help plan its annual state SARA meeting. SREB-approved financial assistance will be reimbursed with proper documentation after the meeting takes place.

The amount of assistance for which state meetings qualify is based on actual attendance. See below:

  • Meetings with 50 or less attendees qualifies for $750
  • Meetings with 51 to 75 attendees qualifies for $1000
  • Meetings with 76 or more attendees qualifies for $1250

The criteria for securing financial assistance are as follows:

Before the Meeting:

  1. SPEs must submit the Meeting Planning Request form to SREB for review, indicating title of state SARA meeting, date of event, location, anticipated number of attendees, and organization name and address for payment to be mailed.
  2. SPEs are required to invite at least one SREB SARA representative in advance. (SREB does not have to be on the agenda, but one of us should be in attendance.)
  3. Provide a brief theme, synopsis, and/or draft agenda of your meeting.
  4. Complete and submit the Meeting Planning Request form at least one month prior to event.
  5. Confirmation of approval or denial of funding will be emailed to the requestor no later than two weeks from the date of acknowledgement of the request.

After the Meeting:

  1. SPEs must submit a final meeting invoice confirming attendance, supporting pre-approved SREB funding within two weeks of the end of the state’s SARA meeting (can be emailed to SARA@sreb.org).
  2. Payment will be sent via regular mail to the SPEs address on record.

We look forward to the opportunity to assist you in this endeavor. Upon successful submission of the request form, you will receive an email confirmation from SARA@SREB.org. Please allow up to 2 weeks for SREB’s action to the request for funds. If you have questions or need clarification, please contact Elisa Jaden, Program Coordinator, at 404-879-5517 or elisa.jaden@sreb.org.

S-SARA State Meeting Planning Request Form