Clayton State University

General information
Course: Nursing 6110: Principles of Education in Nursing 
Instructor: Betty Lane
Credit: 2 semester hours
Course Starts: January 14, 2013


This course focuses on the theoretical foundations of teaching, learning innovations, the multifaceted role of a nurse educator in multiple settings and the expectations of a leader in nursing education. 


Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Analyze theories, models and research findings specific to nursing education in a variety of settings.
  • Apply theoretical knowledge of nurse educator roles and functions in selected settings.
  • Use relevant research findings in academic and practice settings.
  • Analyze the interactive nature of teaching and learning in a variety of settings.
  • Identify trends influencing nursing/health education.
  • Formulate a personal philosophy of nursing education through synthesis of philosophies, theories and research on teaching and learning in nursing.
  • Discuss the importance of learner attributes including gender, socioeconomic and cultural.
  • Apply various evaluation methods in the clinical and classroom setting.

Methods of Instruction

  • Weekly discussion questions (DQ). Discussion questions will be posted online each week. Students will post their responses and respond to other student’s postings.
  • Learning Team Activities. During the first week students will be assigned to a Learning Team. Each team member will identify an article related to the weekly readings and present/discuss the selected article.
  • Philosophy of Nursing Education Paper. Students will develop a personal statement about the role of the nurse educator based on active engagement with the course material and resources available in this course.
  • Teaching Plan. Students, using the principles learned in the course, will develop and implement a teaching plan for presentation to the class.

Required Text

Bastable, S.B. (2009). Nurse as Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning for Nursing Practice (2nd Edition). Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers

Lowenstein, A. & Bradshaw, M. (2008). Fuzzard’s Innovative Teaching Strategies in Nursing (3rd Edition). Boston: Jones and Bartlett Publishers

Technology Requirements

  • Access throughout the semester to a computer that meets ITP Choice requirements (
  • Access to the Internet through an Internet Service Provider
  • Proficiency with Internet access, WebCT Vista, Microsoft Office, Web browsers, search engines and E-mail communication