Doctoral Award

General information

Three-to-Five-Year Package

You may apply for this award if you have:

  1. Been admitted into a Ph.D. program and not begun the second year of doctoral study.
  2. Applied to a doctoral program, but have not been notified of admittance by the fellowship application deadline. Only applicants who can provide proof of admittance will be considered for the award.

You must be enrolled in or have applied to a participating institution in a participating state listed on the Participating States and Institutions web page.

The Doctoral Award offers three years of direct program support ($20,000 annual stipend) and two years of institutional support from the scholar’s college, university and/or department. Each recipient also is awarded up to five years of university-covered tuition and fees (unless the institution prohibits a fee waiver). In addition, the program provides professional development support and covers expenses associated with attending the annual conference (Institute on Teaching and Mentoring).