Dr. Robert Osgood

General information

Teaching Institution: University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Field of Study: Biology

Dr. Robert Osgood was recently awarded tenure and promotion at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Robert attended the University of Southern Mississippi where he earned a doctorate in biological sciences. He is currently an associate professor of Medical Sciences at RIT.

“I was very excited. To me it seemed like it put a cap on a very long process that I’d been going through,” he said. “From the time I was an undergraduate, I knew I wanted to be a professor and do research. All along the way, there are opportunities for that to be derailed. When you get the decision you’ve gotten tenure and promotion, you’re in a situation where you don’t have to worry about that being taken away from you.”

Robert was awarded an SREB Dissertation Fellowship in 2002. The dissertation award provides assistance to scholars in the last stage of earning their doctorate degrees and allows students to attend the annual Institute on Teaching and Mentoring. It was at the institute that Robert met recruiters from RIT. They formed a relationship, and although he was still a few years from graduating, he was eventually offered a position with the institution.

With his new title and achievement, Robert teaches two classes a semester. He will be conducting more labs in the future and will be more involved with his department. Beginning next semester, Robert will be developing new courses that have never been taught at RIT.

“I kept expecting to have some type of cosmic experience instead of being happy and relieved; there hasn’t been much of a different feeling. I just step a little higher, because I’m inspired now,” Robert said.