Dr. Venessa Funches

General information

Teaching Institution: Auburn University, Montgomery, Alabama

Field of Study: Marketing

Preparing students for careers in hospitality.

I am on the Hospitality and Tourism Academy Council in Montgomery. This organization works to ensure curriculum of the career academy is appropriate for students. I also organized the Hospitality and Tourism Expo at Auburn University, Montgomery, which serves to expose students to a variety of opportunities available in the marketing field. At the expo, I performed mock interviews with these students to get them prepared for real job requirements and head up the planning and execution of the Business-to-Business Gala for our college. It is the major fundraising event to provide scholarships and events management experience for our students. 

Dr. Funches is expanding her research on consumer retaliation to the social media medium. She is also writing on hashtag hijacking and is focusing on mastering her present job of associate dean.