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General information


The Institute on Teaching and Mentoring

The SREB-State Doctoral Scholars Program is part of a national alliance, the Compact for Faculty Diversity. The Compact is made up of partnerships with other regional, federal and foundation programs that stress strengthening minority graduate education. The Compact for Faculty Diversity Institute on Teaching and Mentoring is an annual meeting where scholars and faculty mentors from several minority doctoral programs come together to participate in sessions on surviving graduate school, research methods, networking, mentoring, and teaching preparation. 

All scholars (including institutionally funded scholars) receiving the three to five-year doctoral fellowship award are required to attend the annual Institute for the first three years of program support, and dissertation year fellowship recipients are required to attend the Institute during their single year of fellowship support. The scholar’s travel, lodging and meal expenses associated with the Institute are covered by the program. Doctoral scholars may invite a faculty advisor/mentor from their institution at the program’s expense to attend any two of three Institutes hosted during their three years of fellowship support (the invited mentor component of the program does not apply to dissertation year fellowship recipients).

Responsibilities and Requirements

New Scholar Responsibilities

Scholars are required to provide SREB the following:

  • Signed Memorandum of Agreement (except some institutionally funded scholars)
  • Signed Fellowship Acceptance (except some institutionally funded scholars)
  • Signed Direct Deposit & voided check (except some institutionally funded scholars)
  • Signed Consent & Release
  • Copy of social security card & recent professional photo (passport or wallet size)
  • Active e-mail address
  • Notification of changes in physical address, email address, phone numbers, etc.
Requirements for Participation

Scholars agree to: 

  • Attend the annual Institute on Teaching and Mentoring
  • Enroll full-time, as defined by the university, each semester – fall, spring, summer
  • Notify SREB of full-time enrollment each semester – fall, spring, summer
  • Notify SREB of any enrollment change (dropped class, decreased enrollment, etc.)
  • Notify SREB of grades or dissertation progress each semester – fall, spring, summer
  • Make satisfactory progress toward degree completion
  • Not be employed outside department part nor full-time without DSP permission
  • Not accept other forms of financial support without DSP permission
  • Notify SREB of changes in income (awards, employment, etc.)

“More than a Check and a Handshake”

The SREB-State Doctoral Scholars Program goes beyond traditional fellowship programs. In addition to financial support, each scholar receives a commitment by the host academic department to provide quality mentoring, professional development opportunities, and activities designed to hone classroom teaching skills. 

Career information, counseling and job search assistance help scholars find their first faculty positions. Online job search assistance is provided through the SREB Web site. Each fall at the Institute, scholars have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with recruiters who represent colleges and universities from across the nation.

Regular contact through letters, phone calls, e-mail, the listserv, the on-line scholar directory and informal bulletins keep scholars informed and connected to the program staff and to each other. In addition, upon graduation, all scholars become active members of the Doctoral Scholars Association (DSA). Two $1,000 annual service awards are available for members of the DSA. We also conduct an annual giving campaign and request that each member of the DSA contribute a minimum of $100 per year.

General Funding Information

Important: SREB funded scholars should refer to their individual memoranda of agreement for any specific or specialized arrangements. Stipend fund information does not apply to all scholars, particularly not to our institutionally funded scholars in DC, IN, LA, NJ and some at the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky who are funded by their institutions and do not receive SREB stipend support.

Stipend Support

Stipend disbursements paid by SREB are issued on the 28th of every month,* beginning the first month of the academic year, via automatic deposit to the scholars’ designated bank accounts. Disbursement is contingent upon (1) receipt of all required documents (see Responsibilities); (2) receipt of funds from participating states; and (3) confirmation of a scholars’ full-time enrollment status.
*When the 28th falls on Saturday, stipend payments are made on Friday, the 27th; when the 28th falls on Sunday, stipend payments are made on Monday, the 29th.

Doctoral scholars receive monthly stipend support for three years of study. Institutional-based support begins in the fourth year of study. Dissertation year fellowship recipients receive monthly stipend support for one year of study.

Dissertation Year Academic Support

The research allowance is intended to reimburse dissertation year fellowship recipients for certain expenses associated with their dissertation research. Original dated receipts and the academic support form downloaded from the program website must be submitted for reimbursement consideration. The academic support allowance must be used during the academic year of fellowship support (August – July). 

The request must be received by the Doctoral Scholars Program staff by the 15th of the month in order for reimbursement to be remitted to students on the 28th of the month via automatic bank deposit along with the monthly stipend. Each academic year, the final deadline for academic support requests is July 15th.

Income Tax Considerations

The IRS considers all portions of the monthly stipend not used for tuition and related expenses as taxable income. SREB does not withhold taxes, and the only record issued to the scholar is a monthly automatic bank deposit confirmation form. It is the scholar’s responsibility to report taxable income to the IRS. Scholars are encouraged to consult a tax advisor. 

Professional Development Matching Fund

SREB has set aside a special fund to encourage research activities and further its scholars’ professional development as doctoral candidates. Early practice in standing before professional peers to describe and articulate investigations in an academic discipline contributes to the scholar’s skills and abilities as a future college faculty member.

SREB will match up to $500 of a department’s full contribution toward certain costs incurred by scholars presenting at professional meetings. The total reimbursed to a department from SREB may not exceed $500 in any one academic year. Covered costs are limited to travel, parking, lodging, meals and meeting registration fees. In the event the department contributes less than full funding, SREB will instead reimburse the scholar up to 50 percent of out-of-pocket expenses, not to exceed $500 in any one academic year. Funding may be applied to more than one professional meeting in an academic year, for a maximum of three years during the scholar’s matriculation (one year maximum for dissertation year fellowship recipients).

Scholars must submit an Advanced Pre-Application for Funds form 30 days in advance of the conference presentation. Scholars must also submit a Professional Development Reimbursement form and original receipts within 30 days following the conference presentation (forms received more than 30 days after the event will not be considered for reimbursement and will be returned to the scholar.) Forms are available here on the SREB web site. 

Online Scholar Directory

SREB maintains a password-accessed scholar directory on its Web site. This searchable directory serves three purposes: to foster networking among SREB scholars; to serve as a record for the SREB Doctoral Scholars Association; and to serve as a resource for colleges and universities seeking potential candidates for faculty positions (subscriptions are available for colleges and universities interested in accessing information listed in the directory)

The scholar listserv communicates issues of common concern and provides the latest Doctoral Scholars Program news. All SREB scholars are required to establish and maintain an active e-mail address to receive these important communications via the listserv.