SREB-State Data Exchange Coordinators

General information
Subrena Simpkins Director of Research Services, Commission on Higher Education (334) 242-2753
Beth Stewart Senior Research Specialist, Department of Higher Education (501) 371-2058
Chesiree Wise Data Analyst, Higher Education Commission

(302) 735-4286

Hayley Spencer Director of Research and Analytics, College System (850) 245-9456
Lori Hagood Research Associate, Board of Regents-University System (404) 962-3089
Jason Matt Executive Budget Director, Board of Regents-University System (404) 962-3212
Richard Young Director, Planning, Research & Policy Analysis, College System

(404) 679-4963

Cynthia Lee Reporting Manager, College System

(404) 327-6835

Travis Muncie Director, Data and Advanced Analytics, Council on Postsecondary Education (502) 892-3044
Carrie Hodge Senior Associate, Data and Advanced Analytics, Council on Postsecondary Education  
Kimberly Kirkpatrick Associate Commissioner, Institutional Research & Performance Assessment Services, Board of Regents (225) 342-4253
Barbara Schmertz Director of Research and Policy Analysis, Higher Education Commission

(410) 767-3094

Mitzi Gendron Director of Database Management, Institutions of Higher Learning (601) 432-6445
Angela Payne Assistant Executive Director for Research and Effectiveness, Community College Board

(601) 432-6219

North Carolina
Diane Marian Vice President for Data & Analytics, University of North Carolina General Administration (919) 843-3613
Ashley Sieman Director of Analytics and Reporting, Community College System (919) 807-7180
Edurné Usseglio-López Director of Student Performance Data, State Regents for Higher Education (405) 225-9226
Carol Hall Performance Data/Analysis Coordinator, Department of Career and Technology Education (405) 743-5125
South Carolina
Christopher Robinson Senior Data & Research Analyst, Commission on Higher Education (803) 737-2225
Crystal Collins

Senior Director of Fiscal Policy Analysis, Higher Education Commission

(615) 741-7578
Victor Reyna Interim Director, Educational Data Center, Higher Education Coordinating Board (512) 427-6155
Tod Massa Policy Analytics Director, State Council of Higher Education (804) 225-3147
West Virginia
Jeannie Reed Institutional Research Analyst, Senior, Higher Education Policy Commission (304) 558-1112
Tara Combs Advanced Career Education Coordinator, Department of Education (304) 558-2389
Susan Campbell Lounsbury Director, Education Data Services

(404) 879-5546

Christiana Datubo-Brown Research Associate, Education Data Services (404) 879-5545