University of Alabama at Birmingham

General information
Course: NTC 654: Evaluation of Instruction in Nursing
Instructor:  Karen Heaton, Ph.D.
Credit: 3 semester hours
Course Starts: May 2014
Course Management System: WebCT


This course provides an overview of evaluation techniques that enable nurses to plan and implement a variety of education-related evaluation approaches including test construction, item analysis, teaching effectiveness and clinical performance appraisals. It emphasizes classroom and clinical evaluation of learning and the use of technology for evaluation purposes.


Upon successful completion of NTC 654, the student will be able to:

  • use selected evaluation strategies (classroom and clinical) appropriate to cognitive, affective and psychomotor learning;
  • identify methods for measuring learning, instructor and teaching effectiveness;
  • identify strategies for evaluating clinical performance and providing feedback to learners;
  • apply basic principles of evaluation to an educational experience for a specific target group of learners in a particular setting;
  • discuss the issues and trends in evaluation of teaching and learning; and
  • discuss the strengths and weaknesses of technology-based testing and evaluation.

Content Outline

  • Overview of Evaluation
  • The Evaluation Process
  • Evaluation Instruments/Test Blueprint
  • Test Item Construction
  • Collecting Evaluation Data
  • Reliability and Validity
  • Clinical Performance Appraisal
  • Course and Teaching Effectiveness Evaluation
  • Evaluation of Patient Learning
  • Technology and Evaluation

Teaching and Learning Methods

This courses includes a variety of asynchronous learning activities and numerous outside resources. Students must be self-directed in appraising own learning needs, select from a variety of available instructional resources to promote own learning, offer meaningful contributions to online class discussions and complete course evaluations. The instructor expects students to construct and analyze paper and pencil tests and to develop a performance appraisal plan.

Required Text

Linn, R. L., & Gronlund, N. E. (2000). Measurement and assessment in teaching. (8th Ed.) Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall Inc., Pearson Education

Technical Requirements

  • Access to the Internet and Microsoft Office XP (Word, Access, Excel, PowerPoint), Acrobat Reader, Antivirus Software (updated weekly).
  • Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for WebCT. Browser settings can be determined and downloaded from the WebCT site or