Teaching to Lead
Preparing CTE Teachers for Today's Students


Great teachers are the key to preparing students for success after high school. The Teaching to Lead teacher preparation program helps new career and technical education teachers become great teachers.

Developed by SREB and the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education, T2L offers intensive, research-based professional development and coaching services that build new and early-career CTE teachers’ capacity to plan instruction, engage students, manage classrooms, create standards-driven assessments and gain confidence in their craft.

Designed to support CTE teachers entering the classroom after successful careers, the T2L induction model has been shown to improve teacher competence and self-efficacy in a study of the model conducted by the NRCCTE at SREB.

T2L can be used by states, districts or schools to support new or veteran CTE teachers in the first or second year of teaching and beyond. It can also take the place of traditional teacher preparation programs or alternative certification models. What’s more, SREB works with state, district or school leaders to sustain T2L after the initial implementation period.