2016 SARA Steering Committee Repository
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Below you will find member and attendee lists, notes, minutes handouts and presentations for the 2016 Steering Committee Meetings.

2016 June SARA Committee Meeting Agenda

2016 June SARA Committee Member List

2016 Report on Consortia Agreements

2016 June SARA Committee ACICS Status Update

2016 June SARA Committee Minutes

2016 October SARA Steering Committee Meeting Agenda

2016 October SARA Steering Committee Participant List

2016 October SARA Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

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SREB-specific documents and information are listed below:

Steering Committee Responsibilities

Affiliation with SREB and Affiliation Agreements (see section 3.3, page 17)

For current NC-SARA documents such as renewal applications or the SARA Manual, please see below or go to http://nc-sara.org/content/documents.