Bob Belle Service Grant Awards


The SREB-State Doctoral Scholars Program believes in being “more than a check and a handshake.” The Bob Belle Service Grant is another way that the program seeks to empower scholars to make a difference in their communities. The service project has to encourage students to explore educational opportunities and can involve K-12 and/or undergraduate college students. All program graduates are eligible to apply. Up to three service grants of up to $3,000 will be awarded to three program graduates that will use the funds to create a project that exposes/encourages the next generation of students to expand their educational horizons. Application period February 1 through March 31.

Grant Guidelines

  • All program graduates are eligible to apply, but winners/awardees can only apply for the award once every three years.
  • The project has to, in some way, encourage students to explore educational opportunities. For example: Supplying lunch to female high school students attending a STEM talk, conducting a FAFSA/college application writing seminar, having college recruiters come and talk to middle/high school students, etc.
  • The project can involve K-12 and/or undergraduate college students.
  • Projects should start and conclude a year from the award notification date.

Bob Belle Service Grant Proposal Guidelines

  • The proposal should be no more than two pages, single-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point font.
  • The cover sheet is not included in the two pages, and should be the first page of the document.
  • Use the budget template provided.
  • Includes:
    • Service Project Name (should incorporate the subject matter of what/who the graduate will be working with)
    • Service Project Time-frame/dates (including any preparation time)
    • Service Project Description
      • Clearly stated goals and/or objectives
      • Location
      • Information on who the graduate will be serving
      • Projected amount of those that will be served
    • Service Project Budget (including allocation of $3,000 service grant, if awarded)
    • Service Project Evaluation criteria
      • Information on they will evaluate program outcomes/outputs
      • Details on the intended impact of the project

Bob Belle Service Grant Report Guidelines

  • Awardees are required to submit a half-page, singled-spaced six-month report on general progress (preparation completed, meetings conducted, etc.) toward the execution of the project.
  • A final grant report will be due a year from the award date. This report will be:
    • Two pages, single-spaced
    • Report the outcomes of the project including: objectives, activities, evaluation outcomes/outputs and total expenditures. 

Bob Belle Service Grant Award Guidelines

2023 Bob Belle Service Grant Cover Letter

Service Grant Budget Template