CCEN Survey of Nursing Education


General Information

  • The 2017 SREB CCEN Survey of Nursing Education will be open through December 20, 2017, for participation by ALL collegiate education programs eligible for membership in the SREB Council on Collegiate Education for Nursing. In previous years, the survey drew primarily from member institutions.
  • Regionally-accredited colleges and universities that offer programs in nursing and are located in any of the 16 states that comprise the Southern Regional Education Board and the District of Columbia are eligible for membership in CCEN.
  • A summary report of the results will be posted on the SREB website. The council will host a webinar with survey participants in winter 2018 to share results.

Survey Link and Preview

Download CCEN Survey of Nursing Education

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of questions does the survey cover?

  • The survey queries a broad range of issues critical to nursing education today: nursing program capacity (enrollment — and specific constraints on adding more), faculty and administrator availability, specific faculty credentials, reasons for resignations, retirement timelines, and salaries at the associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. 

Why will a broader representation of institutions be better?

  • If the data are truly representative of states and the region, they will be very valuable for a wide variety of reasons. Departments and institutions can use them with their boards and community groups to showcase themselves within the context of their state and the region. They can include them in accreditation reports, foundation and grant funding requests, and annual reports with confidence that the comparisons are valid. They become valuable not only to showcase areas in which your program stands out in positive ways but also where it faces challenges — and needs help.  

Who is the contact person for questions related to my institution’s decision to participate?

  • Please contact Joan Lord at 404-879-5534 or