Communications toolkit
Regional and State Workforce Data


Share SREB’s new analysis on how automation and the COVID-19 pandemic are impacting the workforce in our region and in each of our 16 states.  

State Infographics 

To share a visual summary of your state’s workforce data, find your state’s infographic and right click to download and click “save image.” If you are interested in a PDF version of these graphics, please contact us.

Social Media Graphics and Sample Posts

Right click on an image you want to share (or press and hold on mobile devices) and click “save image.”


Sample post #1

Post text: The coronavirus pandemic is speeding up the move toward automation – impacting 18 million vulnerable workers by 2025. New regional and state workforce outlooks from @SREBeducation show who’s most at risk.



Sample post #2

Post text: 64% of workers in the South have a high school diploma or less. They face the greatest risk of losing their jobs to automation. SREB’s new analysis on how technology and the pandemic are affecting our most vulnerable workers.



Sample post #3

Post text: More than 24 million workers are at high risk for unemployment during the pandemic, Particularly those in food service, installation/maintenance, and production. SREB’s analysis shows who’s impacted in your state.



Sample post #4

Post text: Millions of adults – along with younger students who’ll soon join the workforce – need better education, training. COVID-19 is accelerating automation and the loss of low-skill jobs. Learn more in the new workforce outlooks from @SREBeducation.