K-12 Education Recovery Task Force


The SREB K-12 Education Recovery Task Force convenes state leaders to collaborate on strategies for reopening public schools following closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The task force includes representatives from each SREB state.

Elisabeth Davis Assistant State Superintendent of Student Learning Alabama
Eric Mackey State Superintendent of Education Alabama
Angela Martin Coordinator of Accountability Alabama
Mike Hernandez Deputy State Superintendent Arkansas
Johnny Key Secretary of Education Arkansas
Gina Richard Assistant Superintendent, Star City School District Arkansas
Susan Bunting Secretary of Education Delaware
Audrey Noble Vice President, State Board of Education Delaware
Kevin Fitzgerald Superintendent, Caesar Rodney School District, and President, Delaware Chief School Officer Association Delaware
Eric Hall Senior Chancellor Florida
Alex Kelly Chief of Staff      Florida 
Garry McGiboney Deputy State Superintendent, Policy Georgia
Shaun Owen Deputy State Superintendent, Federal Programs Georgia
Kevin Brown Interim Commissioner of Education Kentucky
Kelly Foster Associate Commissioner Kentucky
Marty Pollio Superintendent, Jefferson County Public Schools Kentucky
Sandy Holloway District 3 Representative and President, Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education Louisiana
Beth Scioneaux Acting State Superintendent Louisiana
Tiara Booker Assistant State Superintendent Maryland
Edmund Mitzul Executive Director of School Improvement Maryland
Nathan Oakley Chief Academic Officer Mississippi
Carey Wright State Superintendent of Education Mississippi
Erika Berry Senior Policy Advisor, North Carolina Department of Instruction North Carolina
Mark Johnson North Carolina State Superintendent North Carolina
Jessica Swencki Regional Case Manager North Carolina
Joy Hofmeister State Superintendent of Public Instruction Oklahoma 
Tiffany Neill Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction Oklahoma 
Harrison Goodwin District Superintendent, Chesterfield Schools South Carolina
Chanda Jefferson State Teacher of the Year South Carolina
Penny Schwinn Commissioner of Education Tennessee
Megan Aghazadian Deputy Commissioner of Operations Texas  
Matt Montano Deputy Commissioner of Special Populations and Monitoring Texas
Kelvey Oeser Deputy Commissioner of Educator System and Support Texas
Dan Gecker Chair, Virginia State Board of Education Virginia
James Lane Superintendent of Public Instruction Virginia
Jonah Adkins Coordinator, Office of Leadership and System Support West Virginia
Jan Barth Assistant State Superintendent, Teaching & Learning West Virginia
Clayton Burch State Superintendent of Education West Virginia