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Middle School Common Core Math Standards

High School Common Core Math Standards

Tank Safety

Start up (shut down);
100% accuracy;
1/7th rule;
Adjust regulator;
Max pressure;
Dangers (hazards) (explosions, rupture);
Tachometer analogy;
Shielding gas mixtures

Reading gauges, scales;
Finding numbers on a line (scale);
Volume of cylinder;
Order of operations;
Lbs/ft3 estimate;
Multiplying whole numbers

6.NS.2; 6.NS.3; 7.NS.1; 7.EE.3; 6.G.2; 6.G.3; 7.G.6; 8.G.9; 6.EE.2; 7.G.1; 6.RP.1; 6.RP.2; 6.RP.3; 7.RP.1; 7.RP.2; 7.RP.3

A.APR.1; A.APR.7; N.RN.3; N.Q.1; G.GMD.1; G.GMD.3; G.MG.2; G.MG.3

Grinder Safety

Keep hands out of the wheel;
Drop wheel throw away;
Check condition;
Chunk off wheel;
Cutting vs grinding;
Know RPM;
Match rpm to grinder

Circumference (diameter/ radius);
Rpm to mph;
Reaction time;
Average each student (online reaction test);
Change in size effects of speed at edge

6.NS.2; 6.NS.3; 7.NS.1; 7.EE.3; 6.G.1; 7.G.4; 7.G.6; 8.F.3

A.APR.1; A.APR.7; N.RN.3; N.Q.1; G.C0.5; G.GMD.1

Linear Measurement

Read to 1/16”;
Read metric (millimeter, centimeter, meter);
Estimating size

Reading a ruler;
Reducing fractions;
Equivalent fractions;
Comparing fractions;
Reasonable dimensions;

6.NS.2; 6.NS.3; 7.NS.1; 7.EE.3; 6.NS.1; 6.EE.2; 7.NS.2; 7.NS.3

A.APR.1; A.APR.7; N.RN.3; N.Q.1; N.Q.3

Layout and Cutting

Nesting parts (# coupons out of piece);
Cutting off pieces;
How many pieces;
Cutting coupon;
Parallel to track

Area (length/width);
Adding, subtracting, and multiplying fractions;
Mixed numbers;
Parallel lines

6.G.1; 6.G.2; 6.G.3; 7.G.1; 7.G.4; 7.G.6; 6.NS.1; 6.EE.2; 7.NS.1; 7.NS.2; 7.NS.3; 7.EE.3

G.GPE.7; G.MG.2

Squaring Projects

Using a square (types);
Check diagonals;

Pythagorean (Triple);
Right angle;
Properties of rectangle/ Square;
Congruent angles

8.G.6; 8.G.7; 8.G.8; 7.G.5

G.SRT.6; G.SRT.8; F.IF.8; G.CO.9; G.CO.12; G.CO.13

Angle Cutting

Layout correct angle;
Setup cutting equipment;
Read protractor from 1 side;
Material position (for correct angle to be cut);
Cut 0-45;
Axis point/pivot point

Measuring an angle;
Read protractor;
Name: acute/obtuse/ supplementary/complimentary;
Vertex of an angle


G.CO.9; G.CO.12; G.CO.13