SREB Early Childhood Commission


Steve L. Beshear, Governor, Kentucky

Matt Arthur, Director of Education Policy, Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget, Georgia 
Tamara Barringer, State Senator, North Carolina
Melanie Barton, Executive Director, Education Oversight Committee, South Carolina 
Harry Brooks, State Representative, Tennessee
Steve Carter, State Representative, Louisiana 
Ann Coody, State Representative, Oklahoma
Sharon Darling, President and Founder, National Center for Families Learning, Kentucky 
Joyce Elliott, State Senator, Arkansas
Marsha Farney, State Representative, Texas 
Vivian Davis Figures, State Senator, Alabama 
John Ford, State Senator, Oklahoma
Rolf Grafwallner, Assistant State Superintendent for Early Childhood Development, State Department of Education, Maryland
Derrick Graham, State Representative, Kentucky 
Dolores Gresham, State Senator, Tennessee
Sheila Ellis Hixson, State Delegate, Maryland
Janet Howell, State Senator, Virginia 
Lillian Lowery, State Superintendent of Schools, Maryland State Department of Education, Maryland
Jennifer McClellan, State Delegate, Virginia
Fran Millar, State Senator, Georgia 
Joseph Miro, State Representative, Delaware 
John Moore, State Representative, Mississippi 
David Perry, State Delegate, West Virginia 
John Pruette, Executive Director, Office of Early Learning, Department of Public Instruction, North Carolina 
Johnnie Roebuck, Former State Legislator and Retired Educator, Arkansas 
Inez Tenenbaum, Attorney at Law, Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP, South Carolina
Terry Tolan, Executive Director, Governor’s Office of Early Childhood, Kentucky 
Gray Tollison, State Senator, Mississippi
Mike Walsworth, State Senator, Louisiana 
Mark White, State Representative, Tennessee
Mike Wilson, State Senator, Kentucky 

Early Childhood Commission members at a 2015 meeting in Louisville