Quotes From the Classroom
"Teachers are talking less... students are learning more."


Teachers and school leaders share how LDC and MDC are helping students learn more and perform better on exams. 

Literacy Design Collaborative

     “My students read with a purpose… My standardized test scores have improved greatly.”
— Social Studies Teacher, Georgia

“Students are learning how to think and not just brush the surface of the material.”
— Chemistry Teacher, Arkansas

“Ultimately our writing program is better preparing students to transition to college and careers.”
— High School Principal, Kentucky

“While teaching LDC modules, I’ve seen my students not only understand concepts but apply them.”
— Teacher, Florida

     “I know that I will always use this way of learning. It has already helped me in other classes. It will help me get through college. It will help me in life.”
— Chemistry Student, Arkansas

“Our reading scores have risen each year. Our writing scores are above state average for the second year.”
— Middle Grades Principal, Kentucky

Mathematics Design Collaborative

“We need MDC throughout our schools. These are the strategies that everyone should be using.” 
— District Curriculum Director, Arkansas

“I realized that my students were capable of a much higher level of thinking than I was giving them credit for. They were reasoning in ways that I had never imagined. I had been robbing them of that opportunity.”
— Geometry Teacher, Arkansas

“FALs foster productive struggle. MDC is the first real resource I’ve found for this.”
— Math Teacher, Arkansas

 ”Our classrooms have moved from traditional math instruction to a collaborative environment where students are completely engaged in learning.”
— High School Principal, Arkansas

“FALs can transform the way we teach at this school… They will guide instruction.”
— Principal, Arkansas