SREB Early Childhood Commission


The SREB Early Childhood Commission calls for states to raise the quality of early education programs and ensure they are well-coordinated across different agencies and budgets. 

The recommendations in Building a Strong Foundation: State Policy for Early Childhood Education cover wider access and accountability for results. The report also sheds light on the need for a statewide policy framework to bring together public and private funding currently spread across agencies and budgets. The central goal: high-quality programs with teachers trained specifically to work with young children.

Program Quality 

Provide incentives to improve quality in early childhood development programs.

Teacher Quality 

Develop and sustain a high-quality early childhood program workforce that has the competencies to foster the social, emotional and cognitive development of young children.


Enact state accountability systems that assess program performance and reward quality.


Provide high-quality early learning services to the groups of young children most likely to benefit from interventions.


Establish a comprehensive and integrated framework of policies and programs to support early childhood development in the state