SARA Policy Impact Survey
S-SARA State Portal Entities Provide You Feedback


THE PURPOSE OF THIS SURVEY is to hear from all state portal entities (SPEs) about the perceived impact to your state membership in SARA if the Issue Paper No. 6 language is adopted by the Department of Education. We want to better understand how your state would interpret this language and how said interpretation may impact how you continue to implement SARA at your institutions. Your feedback helps us learn more about any education-specific consumer protections laws in your respective states and will be beneficial to gaining a deeper understanding of how this proposed language may, or may not, impact SREB SARA member states.

THE GOAL OF THIS SURVEY is to help identify which states have consumer protection laws that don’t specifically exempt SARA-participating institutions from the new policy language. 

S-SARA SPE Impact Survey

This survey was shared with our counterparts at the other regional compacts to collect similar information from their respective regions. It Is our understanding that having a collection of consistent information across all 4 regions is helpful.

please answer the survey questions below: