1995 Exemplary Career Guidance Programs: Opening Career Paths For All Students

Publication March 1996

In 1995, the National Center for Research in Vocational Education’s (NCRVE) Office of Student Services (OSS) recognized nine exemplary career guidance and counseling programs. These programs exemplify school efforts in implementing well-integrated, comprehensive career guidance programs that are designed to assist all students in transitioning from school to work and/or further education. Educators today are faced with, and must meet, the challenges of responding to the career development needs of an increasingly diverse student population. It is hoped these identified programs can serve as models for others working to develop or enhance their career guidance programs.

The programs were selected from applications submitted by educational institutions from around the nation. The applications were evaluated by a panel of nationally recognized professionals in the field using strict research-based criteria that focused on three clusters of components: (1) career guidance and counseling program plan; (2) collaboration, articulation, and communication efforts; and (3) institutional support, leadership, and program evaluation. The final determination was made by a team from the OSS who visited the top ranked programs.

OSS announced the programs selected for recognition in a variety of national newsletters. Information about the programs has been highlighted in OSS’ publications and presentations, and entered into the OSS’ database of exemplary programs. Through the database, information about exemplary programs are disseminated more widely to various individuals, agencies, and other educational institutions. Representatives of the programs have been invited to make presentations at regional and national conferences.

This document presents a synthesis of the nine programs identified, provides a description of each program, and gives the name, phone number, and address of a contact person for each of the nine recognized programs. In addition, the text for each program’s application (excluding attachments) is included in the Appendices. The reader is encouraged to contact OSS or the programs for more information.

Cunanan, E. S., & Maddy-Bernstein, C. (1996, March). 1995 exemplary career guidance programs: Opening career paths for all students. Berkeley, CA: National Center for Research in Vocational Education.

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