Authentic Literacy in Career and Technical Education: Technical Appendices to the Spring 2009 Pilot Study

Publication March 2010

The purpose of this research study was to determine the impact of disciplinary literacy strategies on the reading comprehension and motivation to read for students enrolled in CTE courses. The objective was to compare the effects of literacy strategy instruction under a control condition and two models of content area reading interventions: a CTE framework and the MAX Teaching Framework.

The project thus answered the following research questions:

  1. Do students in the intervention groups score differently (higher) than students in the control condition on reading comprehension, vocabulary, and motivation to read?
  2. What are students‘ perceptions of reading and reading strategy use in CTE?
  3. How do CTE teachers adapt their teaching practice to include explicit, embedded scaffolding of reading and use of literacy strategies?

Park, T. D., Santamaria, L. A., van der Mandele, L., Keene, B. L., & Taylor, M. K. (2010, March). Authentic literacy in career and technical education: Technical appendices to the Spring 2009 pilot study. Louisville, KY: National Research Center for Career and Technical Education, University of Louisville.

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