Building and Sustaining a Commitment to Improving Learning through Staff Development: the Miami-Dade Community College Journey: Miami, FL

Publication March 1998

Successful implementation of work-related education reforms in the United States requires educators to understand both reform principles and the ways in which work-based and school-based learning can be used to enhance curriculum and instruction. This document is part of ‘Teacher learning in the workplace and community’ which contains four educational briefs and five case studies that describe innovative teacher education and professional development programs that support school-to-work and related reforms.

This case study highlights the staff development initiative at Miami-Dade Community College in Florida which initially focused on faculty but grew to include all staff members. The case study specifically examines the development and recent implementation of the Miami-Dade Faculty, Staff, and Program Development initiative and the future directions planned for the program. This program has valuable lessons for the design and implementation of teacher learning in the workplace and community.

Copa, G. H. (1998, March). Building and sustaining a commitment to improving learning through staff development: the Miami-Dade Community College journey: Miami, Florida. In Teacher Learning in the Workplace and Community. Berkeley, CA: National Center for Research in Vocational Education.

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