Classrooms That Work: Teaching Generic Skills in Academic and Vocational Settings

Publication December 1992

This report documents the second of two studies on teaching and learning generic skills in high school. The studies were sponsored by the National Center for Research in Vocational Education (NCRVE), University of California, Berkeley. The initial exploratory study (Stasz et al., 1990) examined the teaching and learning of generic skills in vocational classrooms. The study reported here extends the earlier work by providing a model for designing classroom instruction in both academic and vocational classrooms where teaching generic skills is an instructional goal. The authors hope this study will contribute to future thinking about teaching generic skills and provide a starting point for designing curricula and courses that teach these important skills. The study should be of interest to educators, policymakers, and researchers who are involved in efforts to reform secondary schools in ways that better prepare students for education, work, and lifelong learning.

Stasz, C., Ramsey, K., Eden, R., DaVanzo, J., Farris, H., & Lewis, M. (1992, December). Classrooms that work: Teaching generic skills in academic and vocational settings. Berkeley, CA: National Center for Research in Vocational Education.

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