Cross-State Comparison of Postsecondary CTE Student Graduation Rates and Completions: Determining the Efficacy of Using IPEDS Data for Perkins Reporting

Publication May 2010

The American Graduation Initiative (AGI), introduced by President Obama in Summer 2009, seeks to increase the number of certificates and degrees by an additional five million by the year 2020. This presentation will document a method by which IPEDS and other state-level data could be used to estimate the total number of CTE awards at community colleges. As part of the presentation, factors that go into determining state-level variations in graduation rates are also examined.

Download related regression results handout (PDF).

Kotamraju, P. (2010, May). Cross-state comparison of postsecondary CTE student graduation rates and completions: Determining the efficacy of using IPEDS data for Perkins reporting. Presentation made at the annual meeting of the National Association for Career and Technical Education Information, St. Louis, MO.

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