Developing Comprehensive Student Services Systems in Secondary Schools

Publication November 1997

Educators in school districts across the country have expressed a need for help in developing a comprehensive student services system. This publication has been developed in response to that need. It serves as follow-up to a paper developed by the National Center for Research in Vocational Education’s Office of Student Services (OSS) that offered a rationale and a model for a comprehensive student services system–Student Services: Achieving Success for All Secondary Students. In the text, the reader will find a description of the services high schools should provide under such a system. This paper also focuses on the common features of a comprehensive student services delivery system and provides a description of three initiatives. The final section offers a guide to developing a comprehensive student services system.

Each of the sections in this publication contains questions and activities that will help school districts in the process of developing or redesigning their student services system. Because each school system is unique, specific solutions are not offered, but, rather, simple, practical steps educators can use to build a system to meet their school’s unique needs are suggested. This publication is designed for use in conjunction with the OSS BRIEF, Improving Student Services in Secondary Schools, included in Appendix A.

Matias, Z. B., & Maddy-Bernstein, C. (1997, November). Developing comprehensive student services systems in secondary schools. Berkeley, CA: National Center for Research in Vocational Education.

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