Diversity in the Workforce Series Report #1: Diversity in the Workforce: A Literature Review

Publication December 1997

This is the first report in the Diversity in the Workforce Series sponsored by the National Center for Research in Vocational Education (NCRVE). This series is intended to inform the readers of the dynamics and breadth of workforce diversity issues. In addition, it provides information to educators and people from business and industry. They can use this information to develop practices and guidelines to follow when selecting or assessing workplace environments that are conducive to maximizing the contributions of all workers.

The information on workforce diversity from this series may enable educators to revise their curricula appropriately to reflect changes in the workplace, identify workable strategies for accommodating and managing differences in the workplace, and illustrate for their students the continuing impact of diversity on the organizational culture and climate of corporations. The information may also assist human resource development professionals or any person in charge of programs dealing with diversity in organizations to better assess the needs of the employees; improve the design, implementation, and evaluation of diversity efforts; and identify initiatives to improve the management of a diverse workforce.

This report presents a summary of the workforce diversity issues and also reviews the key points from research studies, books, reports, journal articles, related magazines, and newspaper articles on diversity in the workforce.

Wentling, R. M., & Palma-Rivas, N. (1997, December). Diversity in the workforce series report #1: Diversity in the workforce: A literature review. Berkeley, CA: National Center for Research in Vocational Education.

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