Exemplary Career Guidance Programs: What Should They Look Like?

Publication August 1995

A goal of the Office of Student Services (OSS) (formerly the Office of Special Populations) is to promote exemplary program activity and the adoption of model practices. In 1994, OSS developed a framework for identifying exemplary career guidance and counseling programs. The framework was field tested in three high schools known to have exceptional career programs. This document synthesizes information gathered during the pilot tests and presents material relevant to developing and implementing a comprehensive career development program.

Counselors, vocational educators, administrators, and other counseling professionals can gain valuable information from this monograph for improving their career guidance and counseling programs.

Maddy-Bernstein, C., & Cunanan, E. S. (1995, August). Exemplary career guidance programs: What should they look like? Berkeley, CA: National Center for Research in Vocational Education.

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