Findings from 2009-2010 Field Tests of an Induction Model for Alternatively Certified Career and Technical Education Teachers

Publication November 2010

The U.S. Office of Vocational and Adult Education funded the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education and the Southern Regional Education Board to develop an induction model for individuals entering the career and technical education (CTE) teaching profession through alternative routes. The induction model is being developed to increase new CTE teacher competence and self-efficacy, with the long-term goal of increasing rates of CTE teacher career commitment. Consistent with Institute of Education Sciences (IES) Goal 2 guidelines for development projects, program developers are using an iterative development approach over three years to create, test, and refine the induction model to determine whether it generates trend data in the expected direction, suggesting it shows promise to achieve its short-term goals. This paper describes lessons learned from the first year of field testing and refinement of the model.

Bussey, L. H., Sass, H. L., & Bottoms, G. (2010, November). Findings from 2009-2010 field tests of an induction model for alternatively certified career and technical education teachers. Presentation made at the annual meeting of the Association for Career and Technical Education Research, Las Vegas, NV.

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