Fostering Entrepreneurship Through Business Incubation: The Role and Prospects of Postsecondary Vocational-Technical Education. Report 1: Survey of Business Incubator Clients and Managers

Publication September 1996

This is the first in a series of three reports on the roles and prospects of two-year colleges in promoting community development through business incubation and related services. This report presents findings derived from a survey of business incubator managers and clients to describe the experiences of entrepreneurs in business incubation and to better understand the efforts of community colleges in promoting community development. Further insights in this regard can be found in Report 2 which describes various case studies of business incubators operating under different sponsorship arrangements, including support from two-year colleges. A summary of opportunities to expand the contribution of community colleges in economic development through business incubation and related services is provided in Report 3 of this series.

This report is organized into three major sections: a survey of incubator clients, a survey of incubator managers, and a discussion of results. This is followed by an outline of implications for postsecondary vocational-technical education in fostering economic development and entrepreneurship in the community via business incubation and other potential related services. Finally, a brief discussion is presented on the potential opportunities to expand students’ exposure to alternative career paths–entrepreneurship options–within the context of school-to-work and emerging vocational programs.

Hernández-Gantes, V. M., Sorensen R. P., & Nieri, A. H. (1996, September). Fostering entrepreneurship through business incubation: The role and prospects of postsecondary vocational-technical education. Report 1: Survey of business incubator clients and managers. Berkeley, CA: National Center for Research in Vocational Education.

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