How to Integrate Math Skills Into Your CTE Course Using the NRCCTE Math-in-CTE Model

Publication November 2012

It’s not hard to find research on integrating academics into a CTE class that concludes with how that research will help your students. It is more difficult to find teachers who have done it and can demonstrate how you can integrate math into your CTE course. In this presentation from ACTE’s VISION 2012 meeting, Montana math and construction teachers use their lesson plans for a house-building class to offer a step-by-step approach to teaching students math while they build a house. Based on the NRCCTE’s Math-in-CTE model.Presenters: 

  • Lyle Courtnage, Montana State University (MSU) Billings College of Technology
  • Landon Stubbs – Construction Instructor – CMR High School
  • Amanda Kohut – Math Instructor – CMR High School
  • Clay Burkett – Math Instructor – Helena High School
  • Brian Oswald – Math Instructor – Capital High School
  • Paul Stetzner – RPOS Facilitator – Helena Public Schools

Courtnage, L., Stubbs, L., Kohut, A., Burkett, C., Oswald, B., & Stetzner, P. (2012, November). How to integrate math skills into your CTE course using the NRCCTE Math-in-CTE model. Presentation made at the annual meeting of the Association for Career and Technical Education, Atlanta, GA.

Download the presentation (PDF)