Implementing a Statewide Mandated Career Pathways/Programs of Study School Reform Model: Select Findings from a Multisite Case Study

Publication Cairen Withington, Cathy Hammond, Catherine Mobley, Natalie Stipanovic, Julia L. Sharp, Sam Stringfield, and Sam DrewApril 2012

A Longitudinal Study of the South Carolina Personal Pathways to Success Initiative (see Hammond, Drew, et al. 2011) follows the implementation of a statewide mandated career-focused school reform policy in one U.S. state. The research focuses on eight diverse high schools in the state, personnel at those schools, and approximately 6,200 students across three cohorts, with varying amounts of exposure to the policy. In the longitudinal study, we investigate whether the number of highly developed career-focused programs of study available to students increases under the policy and whether targeted student and school outcomes are affected. Findings are presented here as related to overall policy implementation, differences in student experiences, changes in the roles of guidance, and changing attitudes toward career and technical education.
Withington, C., Hammond, C., Mobley, C., Stipanovic, N., Sharp, J. L., Stringfield, S., & Drew, S. (2012). Implementing a statewide mandated career pathways/programs of study school reform model: Select findings from a multisite case study. International Journal of Educational Reform, 21, 138-158.

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