Learning Mathematics in High School Courses Beyond Mathematics: Combating the Need for Postsecondary Remediation in Mathematics

Publication R. Brent Young, Angie Hodge, M. Craig Edwards, and James G. LeisingSeptember 2012

The NRCCTE’s Math-in-CTE model was employed as the treatment in a study that empirically tested the hypothesis that students who participated in a math-enhanced high school agricultural power and technology curriculum would develop a greater understanding of math concepts—as measured by students’ scores on the postsecondary ACCUPLACER test and need for remediation in mathematics—than students who received non math-enhanced instruction. The study, which took place from 2004-2005, included teachers and students in 32 Oklahoma high schools (16 treatment classrooms; 16 control classrooms). Although the study’s findings were not statistically significant, students taught using Math-in-CTE had higher ACCUPLACER scores than control students. The study’s authors urge further research regarding the use of curriculum integration in math in agriculture classrooms.

Young, R. B., Hodge, A., Edwards, M. C., & Leising, J. G. (2012). Learning mathematics in high school courses beyond mathematics: Combating the need for postsecondary remediation in mathematics. Career and Technical Education Research, 37(1), 21-33.

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