Meeting the 2020 American Graduation Initiative Goal of Increasing Postsecondary Graduation Rates and Completions: A Macro Perspective of Community College Student Educational Attainment

Publication Pradeep Kotamraju and Orville BlackmanFebruary 2011

The paper uses the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data system (IPEDS) data to simulate the 2020 American Graduation Initiative (AGI) goal introduced by President Obama in the summer of 2009. We estimate community college graduation rates and completion numbers under different scenarios that include the following sets of variables: (a) internal education variables; (b) external workforce development variables; and © state and national environmental factors. Our analysis suggests that the likelihood of success of meeting the AGI goal increases dramatically if community colleges are able to raise graduation rates and increase completion numbers by doing the following: (a) lowering the inherent risk factors that prevent students from graduating by implementing proactive retention and completion strategies; (b) operating in economic and workforce development environments of low unemployment levels and © taking into consideration the ever-growing globally competitive environment.

Kotamraju, P., & Blackman, O. (2011). Meeting the 2020 American Graduation Initiative goal of increasing postsecondary graduation rates and completions: A macro perspective of community college student educational attainment. Community College Journal of Research and Practice, 35(3), 202-219.

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