Practitioner Wisdom Practice – The Hot Air Balloon Project

Publication March 2010

Hot Air Balloon Project, an interdisciplinary activity, involves students of varying ability levels in five curricular areas: physics, technology, math, history and communications in a fun, exciting hands-on learning project. Fundamental principles of flight and design are presented in a cross-curricular, integrated, contextual approach that provides for students success in linking classroom theory and real-life application.

This project helps teachers better understand how to create and administer an interdisciplinary project that integrates the curriculum of math, science, history, technology and media; shows students a link between classroom theory and practical application; and motivates students to develop investigative skills, stimulate their curiosity, strengthen their problem-solving abilities and build confidence in communicating their discoveries.

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The Hot Air Balloon Project

Box Balloon

Build Your Own Hot Air Balloon

Building and Flying Paper Hot Air Balloons

Building Your Own Hot Air Balloon

Density Assessment

Density Experiment

Density Practice

Density Research

Density Rubric

Density Student PowerPoint

How Stuff Works

How to Calculate the Weight of Air and Model Hot Air Balloon


Plans for Building Model Hot Air Balloons - Links

The Question

Volume Calculations for Cylinder Shaped