Practitioner Wisdom Practice – M.A.T.H. Today Project

Publication February 2010

M.A.T.H. Today (Mathematics and Technology Happen Today) was a grant-funded three-year study of whether participation in computer-based mathematics programs would improve work-related math skills of students from special populations. The idea for the study came from the realization that basically every student needs to master challenging mathematics-and that students from special populations may not be able to meet national and state mathematics standards.

Over a three-year period, researchers from the University of Georgia and the Georgia Department of Education partnered to track the effectiveness of a computer-based mathematics program that was used with students from special populations.

During a summer Improving Teacher Quality Grant workshop funded by ESEA, teams of mathematics teachers and CTE special populations teachers were instructed in a technology-based mathematics program. Although there was no statistically significant difference on mean beginning level of regular education, special education, and at-risk students, results showed that upper-class special education males and ninth-grade at-risk females had the largest increase in mean ending level within the program.

Download the project overview (PDF)