Professional Development in CTE Data Driven Methods: Development of a Research-Based Intervention

Publication John C. Foster, Carol L. Hodes, Patricia Kelley, and Sandra G. PritzJanuary 2013

An initial survey conducted by the authors in 2009 determined the amount and type of preparation CTE educators had regarding the use of assessment data for program and instructional improvement; this survey was the basis for development of an intervention for teachers on interpretation of assessment data for improvement of classroom instruction. The intervention, titled Career and Technical Educators Using a Data Driven Improvement Model or CTEDDI, was developed and successfully piloted in five states during spring semester 2010; the results of the pilot study have been used to revise the materials and process to produce a professional development program to help CTE educators improve their data skills and instruction.

Foster, J. C., Hodes, C. L., Kelley, P., & Pritz, S. G. (2013). Professional development in CTE data driven methods: Development of a research-based intervention. Online Journal for Workforce Education and Development, 6(1).

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