Programs of Study: Secondary and Postsecondary Outcomes from the NRCCTE’s Longitudinal Research

Publication November 2012

In this presentation made at ACTE’s VISION 2012 meeting, Jim Stone presented the latest secondary and postsecondary academic and technical student outcome data and findings derived from the NRCCTE’s groundbreaking longitudinal studies of programs of study/career pathways. The only such intensive, long-term, field-based research on POS in the United States, the NRCCTE is now collecting data on the key transition of POS students to postsecondary education and the workforce.

Stone, J. R. III. (2012, November). Programs of study: Secondary and postsecondary outcomes from the NRCCTE’s longitudinal research. Presentation made at the annual meeting of the Association for Career and Technical Education, Atlanta, GA.