Promising Practice – Temple University Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening

Publication April 2011

The Temple University Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening (RWSL) project was developed to address the low reading skills of many CTE students. Instructional modification materials were produced to help CTE teachers incorporate proven reading strategies into their instructional practices. The project focused on providing teachers with instructional modification; specifically selected reading strategies like reciprocal teaching, scaffolding, and journaling, that could be integrated into the CTE instructional process. Training institutes and guidebooks were designed to provide CTE teachers with tools to improve the reading skills of students who might be marginal readers and to enhance the reading ability of good readers.

Data collected over the experimental five-year period supported positive gains, including gains on reading tests, NOCTI occupational competency tests, and teacher-made and publisher-produced tests. Participants reported that students adopted new techniques that added to their reading ability, self-monitored their use of the reading strategies, suggested modifications of the reading strategies, and developed their own vocabulary games. The mix of reading strategies served a wide range of learning styles, and reading gains were noted among all students, including those with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). Other student gains were seen in vocabulary, class discussions, number and levels of questions asked, ability to follow instructions, and comprehension of material studied.

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