Public Two-Year Colleges in the SREB Region Approached Historic Milestone in 2010 — Enrollment Equal to Public Four Year Colleges
Fact Book Bulletin

Publication September 20122 pages(12E11)

In 1970, enrollment in public two-year colleges in SREB states was 37 percent as much as enrollment in public four-year colleges and universities. Yet two-year college enrollment gains outpaced four-year institutions, and by 2010, two-year colleges enrolled nearly as many students. It is likely that enrollment in the SREB region’s public two-year colleges exceeded that of public four-year colleges in 2011. Nationwide, public two-year colleges have enrolled more students than public four-year colleges since 2009. Public two-year colleges accounted for nine out of 10 of all two-year college students, both nationally and in the SREB region.