Reading Frameworks in CTE: Pilot Study Findings

Publication Travis D. Park, Laura A. Santamaria, Barrett L. Keene, and Liz van der MandeleMay 2010

Improving comprehension skills is vital to building cognitive skills. Reading and literacy skills enable youth to gather information and create knowledge from various sources, and then to consider solutions to problems in and about their lives from both a cognitive and a creative standpoint. By implementing disciplinary reading strategies in the career and technical education (CTE) curriculum, teachers enable all youth with the requisite skills to succeed in school, careers and daily life. The goal of reading strategy instruction is to enable students to independently select appropriate strategies, adapt them to particular texts, and employ them to solve reading problems (Pressley, Symons, McGoldrick, and Snyder, 1995).

Park, T., Santamaria, L., Keene, B., & van der Mandele, L. (2010). Reading frameworks in CTE: pilot study findings. Techniques, 85(5), 42-44.

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