Relative Impact of Interventions to Improve Achievement and Retention in Postsecondary Occupational Programs

Publication July 2011

This study seeks to identify which interventions are most effective in improving retention and academic outcomes for students in postsecondary occupational programs, and how student characteristics mediate and moderate these effects, with the goal of determining what works best for which types of students. Four community colleges are participating in the study. This report presents information on the study purpose, site characteristics, data sources, retention-related interventions found at two or more sites, data analysis methods, and early findings. Descriptions of examples of specific interventions are included and will provide a basis for determining the comparability of similar programs across sites at a subsequent point in the study. This report describes project activities and findings during the period of August 2009 to July 2010. A second cohort of students, those matriculating at the sites in Fall 2010, has been added to the study and will be discussed in future reports as data become available.

Bremer, C. D., Opsal, C., Hirschy, A., Castellano, M., Center, B., Geise, A., & Medhanie, A. (2011, July). Relative impact of interventions to improve achievement and retention in postsecondary occupational programs. Louisville, KY: National Research Center for Career and Technical Education, University of Louisville. 

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