School-to-Work Resource Guide: Focusing on Diversity

Publication December 1995

This guide is designed for those educators who are developing or implementing a school-to-work program, as well as those educators who are interested in background information about school-to-work. The resources, which contain the most current information consist of publications; newsletters and journals; educational information centers, agencies, and organizations. Sections relating to the requirements of the School-to-Work Opportunities Act of 1994 include School-Based Learning Component, Work-Based Learning Component, and Connecting Activities Component. The General Information on School-to-Work section includes reports, papers, and other publications that describe the status of school-to-work programs in the United States, the nature of workforce and job training programs, and the analyses and explanations of the School-to-Work legislation and its impact on current educational reform. Additional sections on Transition Issues for Special Populations and Gender Equity Issues are included.

Maddy-Bernstein, C., Matias, Z. B., Cunanan, E. S., Krall, T., B., & Iliff, L. (1995, December). School-to-Work resource guide: Focusing on diversity. Berkeley, CA: National Center for Research in Vocational Education.

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