Simulated Career Preparation Areas and Synthetic Programs of Study: Developing Outcome Measures for the High School and Postsecondary Experiences of CTE Students

Publication June 2012

There has been much interest recently in career preparation areas (CPS) that CTE students may choose at the start of their high school experience.  The CPS is like the Perkins Programs of Study (POS).  The CPS/POS is simulated in nature since actual student experience in CPS/POS cannot be discerned. The presentation uses an NCES national data set (ELS2002) to develop synthetic CPS/POS.  The top CPS/POS will be identified and outcome measures for several CPS/POS will be developed around the student’s high school and postsecondary experiences.

Aliaga, O., & Kotamraju, P. (2012, June). Simulated career preparation areas and synthetic programs of study: Developing outcome measures for the high school and postsecondary experiences of CTE students. Presentation made at the annual meeting of the National Association for Career and Technical Education Information, Portland OR.

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