Student Services: Achieving Success for all Secondary Students

Publication October 1995

High schools today face the challenge of ensuring success for all students. To prepare all high school students for rewarding careers, schools must offer essential student services in addition to sound curricular offerings. An efficient, coordinated, and comprehensive student services system is a key component in enhancing the chances of success for every student. The authors define student services as those services provided by an educational institution to facilitate learning and the purposeful, successful transition of students from school to the world of work and/or further education. This document is designed to provide high school student services personnel, administrators, and teachers with information on student services that they can use in addressing the needs of the nation’s increasingly diverse student population. Topics discussed include (1) background information on student services; (2) a discussion of the wide array of student services needed to facilitate student success; (3) general guidelines in building a comprehensive, coordinated student services system; (4) various components of a comprehensive student services system; and (5) the roles of the student services team.

Maddy-Bernstein, C., & Cunanan, E. S. (1995, October). Student services: Achieving success for all secondary students. Berkeley, CA: National Center for Research in Vocational Education.

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