Transformational Leadership and Literacy in CTE: Impact on Student Motivation to Read and Reading Comprehension

Publication November 2010

As a part of a larger literacy study, 51 CTE teachers in New York State completed a self-assessment measuring their transactional and transformational leadership through each of the nine components of the Full Range of Leadership Model. The outcome variables of this correlational study were gain scores over a period of eleven weeks for reading comprehension and motivation for reading. Idealized Influence-Behavioral and Idealized Influence-Attributed were both found to have significant relationships with both outcome variables. Intellectual Stimulation was found to have a significant relationship with reading comprehension. Several demographic and literacy variables were collected and analyzed. Significant relationships were found between reading comprehension and student gender as well as student socioeconomic status.

Keene, B. L., Park, T. D., & Santamaria, L. A. (2010, November). Transformational leadership and literacy in career and technical education: Impact on student motivation to read and reading comprehension. Presentation made at the annual meeting of the Association for Career and Technical Education Research, Las Vegas, NV.

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