Using Assessment Data to Improve Instruction for CTE Programs: A National Research Center Professional Development Initiative

Publication November 2010

NOCTI is conducting a National Research Center intervention study to help secondary CTE teachers and administrators use technical assessment data to improve program curriculum and to identify individual and group instructional needs. The findings from a first year survey study were used to create a relevant professional development to assist educators in making decisions about how to improve instruction in order to foster student achievement.  The intervention developed in Center Year 3 is comprised of the materials to implement an interactive initial workshop and a facilitator-led delivery system that involves on-site visits, mentoring, and development of both site and off-site electronic communities of practice for maintaining the system within the school setting.  Data from measurement instruments will provide for a preliminary evaluation of the effectiveness and feasibility of the program. The program will be discussed along with the results of implementation at nine pilot sites in five states.


Pritz, S., & Kelley, P. (2010, November). Using assessment data to improve instruction for CTE programs: A National Research Center professional development initiative. Presentation made at the annual meeting of the Association for Career and Technical Education Research, Las Vegas, NV.

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