Teacher Salary Increases, SREB States
2020-21 school year


Updated January 2021

During their 2020 sessions, legislatures in eight SREB states proposed increases in teacher salaries for the 2020-21 school year. After the pandemic began and states reconsidered their budgets, the states did not act on those proposals. 

Two SREB states acted to increase teacher salaries.


March 2020: Legislature approved House Bill 641 to establish a statewide minimum annual teacher salary of $47,500. The governor signed the bill in June 2020.

The appropriations act provided $500 million for implementation in 2020-21, and the governor proposes another $550 million in 2021-22.


January 2020: Approved House Bill 1, which provided a supplemental appropriation to cover an unexpected appropriations deficit from a 2019-20 $1,500 teacher salary increase (which had been approved in 2019).